Heroes of the Sky

Wellington Z-8409 PH-P

A Wellington with serial number Z-8409 and hull code PH-P took off from Binbrook airbase in the county of Lincolnshire on 9 March 1942 at 2:04 am. The aircraft belonged to No. 12 Squadron RAF and that night was part of a group of 211 aircraft that were to attack the Krupps factories in Essen.

Stirling BK327 LS-D

On the evening of 27 August 1942 an English Stirling I bomber left its base in Bourn, Cambridgeshire for a mission to the German city of Kassel. On its way back to base the aircraft was shot down at an altitude of 3500 metres by a Junker 88, a German night fighter. Read the whole story in Dutch