Halifax DK142 ZL-C

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A deep track

In the middle of the night of 13-14 July 1943, the residents of Dreumel were suddenly woken up by the sound of a bomber that had crashed. It was clear to see how the plane had crashed: there was quite a deep trench of at least 800 metres in length. The plane had left an entire trail, as it were.  

Photo: Crash location 

The bomber was a Halifax that had left Leeming at a quarter past eleven. The Halifax DK 142 ZL-C was on its way to Aachen with more than 300 other aircraft to carry out an airstrike. Of these planes, 20 never returned. The crash also started a fire. Since the plane was carrying ammunition, explosions could be heard for hours after the crash. There was no trace of the victims. Of the 7 Canadian crew members, 6 were captured. The last crew member, Sgt. Brown, was found by a villager and brought to safety to the church in Wamel. 

Photo: Badge of No. 427 Squadron 

Source: https://www.tremele.nl